Governance Board


Josette Sullins – Founder

JosetteJosette Sullins has over 25 years in the holistic health field with a background in research, service, education and mentorship. In 2013, Sullins founded dehp® LLC, which stands for developed expression of human potential. dehp® LLC includes the dehp® spa and dehp therapeutic techniques. dehp® spa is a licensed technique that is featured in Destination Hotel and Resorts throughout the U.S., including the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix. dehp® therapeutic provides training in the dehp® modality for Licensed Behavioral

Health Counselors who administer the technique. The success of this technique was featured on both ABC and Fox News in Phoenix and nationally earlier this year.

In 2014, Sullins founded Soul Sanctuary in the Desert, a 501 c (3), organization to be an advocate for women and children of abuse. Based in Phoenix, over the last 11 years. Soul Sanctuary has been the home to over 200 at-risk women and their children.

Soul Sanctuary focuses on the resident’s human potential through a program of choice, responsibility, and healthy stimulation. It is a place of hope, courage and empowerment. The women and their children are held accountable and supported as they complete their individually program that focuses on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. This prepares mothers to re-enter the community and the workforce.

In 2014, Soul Sanctuary expanded its horizons and has collaborated with Rally Point, Honor House, and dehp® therapeutic to begin treating Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. During the course of the last year, over

15 Veterans in the Phoenix area with PTSD successfully received the benefits of the dehp® therapeutic technique, a non-pharma treatment, and participated in the Continued Care program with their families. Both were created by Ms. Sullins for Veterans suffering from extreme trauma.
As an advocate for the at-risk population, Josette is nationally known on the speakers’ circuit and was the featured speaker at the 2015 United Nations and World Academy for the Future of Women held at SIAS University in Zhengzhou, China. Sullins is also co-author of “The Alignment Theory-Unveiling the God Part” published in 2010.

Ms. Sullins, and her teenage daughter Isabella, reside in Phoenix, AZ.

Andrea Reiner – President

Andrea Reiner

Andrea Reiners has over 30 years in the investment and financial services industry helping her clients achieve their hopes and dreams by guiding them to retirement. Andrea’s vision always was – and continues to be – to build a practice that truly puts clients’ interests above all others Throughout her career, she has been awarded numerous accolades, including most recently the Director’s Club honor through LPL Financial. Andrea was also recognized in Phoenix Magazine as a 2015 Five Star Wealth Manager top producer. She is co-owner of Vista Financial Group in Scottsdale where they practice holistic financial advisory services. Her passion is giving back to the community. She finds helping others very rewarding which is why she helps out with several non-profit organizations, including Soul-Sanctuary and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, in raising awareness in the community.




Michael Cagan – Treasurer

Michael Cagan has over 20 years of experience throughout the financial industry.  The companies he has worked for range from for profit organizations focused on helping their clients achieve their investment goals to non-profit organizations with a mission to help consumers organize a budget and get out of debt.  Within his current role, he has a wide range of responsibilities including reporting, workforce management, forecasting and data analytics.  He is passionate about helping positively impact the lives of those he comes into contact with, especially our special four legged family members (he has two rescue pugs).  Michael has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration – Finance from The University of Arizona.



Kevin Smith – Secretary

Kevin Smith has over 20 years in TV & Live event industry working with corporate, sports and special events in Arizona and nationwide. Kevin is a pioneer in directing and producing live interactive media. He is a proven source for live broadcast programming over multiple distribution channels. He has personally directed over 100 live, multi-camera, participatory programs. As a visible leader in the Internet community, he is among a small group of individuals who truly has over 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in TV/Web/Mobile LIVE programming. I am honored to be a part of a great cause with such passionate people. Together we are able to make a bigger impact that will help so many lives.



Sharen Hammond -Board Member


Sharen has dedicated the vast majority of her 26 plus year career to supporting and helping those in need through her work within the non-profit community.   Sharen currently serves as the Senior Director for Money Management International (MMI), a Non-Profit 501C3, dedicated to helping consumers needing financial counseling and education.  Sharen is responsible for the day-to-day operations for the call-center counseling divisions and manages teams throughout the United States and Internationally.  Through her work experiences, Sharen has developed a deeper commitment and devotion to having a positive impact on the lives she touches both within her primary job and through volunteer opportunities.  She is thankful that her professional career has afforded her so many opportunities to work with so many great people and give back by mentoring others.  Within her current role, she has spent years managing campaigns on both local and national levels.  Sharen also coordinates the wellness and community outreach committees at MMI.   

Hope is the reason why Sharen works with nonprofit organizations. As a poet once said, “Hope is the bridge by which we traverse the sea of life” and it manifests itself in many forms. It is evident in the people who support non-profit organizations.  Not just those who donate money but the volunteers and the workers who get up every day, work hard tackling multiple responsibilities in less than glamorous jobs and many times do it for less recognition than their counterparts in other industries.  Hope manifest itself in the people who struggle and are doing all that they can to make positive changes in their lives and may benefit from the assistance of a non-profit organization.  Hope, coincidentally enough, her Granddaughter’s middle name, is why she has worked so hard throughout her life. She wants to be the best person she can to help support her family, to be a good friend and to be a positive influence in the lives of those she is fortunate to work with and come in contact with on a daily basis.  The work Sharen does professionally and as a volunteer gives her hope that positive change is achievable and can result in a community where the people are afforded the same opportunities to find Hope of their own.


Jim Triggs -Board Member

Jim Triggs has been with the non-profit agency Money Management International (MMI) since 1997, he is the Senior Vice President of Operations.  Jim provides executive level leadership over MMI’s multiple financial counseling contact centers and 70 branch offices throughout the US for the last 20-years.  Jim also serves as Treasurer of the Board of the non-profit Surprise Sundancers, and has held roles with Arizona Leader Force, a division of Jerry Colangelo’s Collaboration for a New Century.  Jim is a father of three and resides in Surprise, AZ.




Gillian Benowich – Media & Outreach

Gillian Benowich

For more than twelve years, Gillian has worked in the TV/Video production industry in the Phoenix metro and regional markets. She extended her management, marketing, production knowledge and business background launching G Media in 2010. Gillian has been a television producer/ editor, production coordinator and director of operations for many prestigious media outlets. She’s worked as the associate producer at for Jobing TV, operations manager at a local Phoenix production company, and director of operations for College Mobile Deals. Gillian has also worked freelance opportunities for ESPN, and ABC News.

Gillian is a graduate of the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcasting. She also holds an editing certi cation from Apple, Inc as an Apple Certi ed Pro Editor in Final Cut Pro. As part of her entrepreneurial spirit in business, Gillian has served on many business organizations and been a speaker on “organization/life e ciency” topics. She has worked with clients on organizing their day-to-day business needs and helping to create business practices internally. Gillian not only brings an extensive media background but necessary business skills for growing a successful business in the digital age.