Continued Care

soul-sanctuary-continued-careThe training for social service therapists to treat trauma and PTSD Study is not enough. Continued care for at-risk veterans and family members is crucial. Only a portion of care is covered for the Veterans, not to mention their families. Mothers who graduate from Soul Sanctuary need those resources as well as they learn to support their families. Our commitment is to create and coordinate with existing services to ensure that on-going support keeps our families strong and healthy.

Soul Sanctuary funds programs and services that engage, connect and create a plan of care that meets Veteran’s continued treatment needs. Continued care offers individualized treatment that works to help Veteran’s effectively reintegrate into the community. Their treatment team will help establish realistic goals and help them progress further in their healing, helping them build the lives they’ve earned with all that that they’ve learned. It will also allow us to continue to measure progress and determine appropriate next steps to bring about success.