PTSD Treatment

The social and economic costs of PTSD are immense. First year treatment alone costs the government $9,100 per person, or more than $2 billion so far. Suicides among active-duty military personnel averaged 22 per day. Veterans now account for 20 percent of all suicides in the U.S., with the youngest veterans – those 24 and under – taking their lives at four times the rate of any other veteran age groups.

veteran PTSD treatment through the Soul Sanctuary Wellness Clinic

Those who have experienced severe trauma or a life-threatening event may develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD, shell shock, or combat stress. The most common symptoms of PTSD include recurring memories or nightmares of the events, sleeplessness, loss of interest or feeling numb, angry, or irritable.

There are many ways that PTSD can impact everyday life. Today’s military is experiencing PTSD at record levels and, with obvious gaps in our healthcare system, our troops are left to find their own solutions.  The Soul Sanctuary Wellness Clinic is here to help our troops find a solution.

Soul Sanctuary in the Desert is a licensed dehp® therapeutic treatment facility.  The concept behind dehp® comes from the Human Potential Movement (HPM), which is founded on the belief that through the development of human potential, people can have great quality of life filled with creativity, happiness, and fulfillment. Its values center on tolerance, optimism, honest communication, and experimentation. There is great emphasis on living life to the fullest and being open to new experiences.

The positivity encouraged by dehp® therapeutic has been very effective in helping PTSD sufferers move on from their trauma and face the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm.  Soul Sanctuary in the Desert is proud to be a licensed facility for this life altering treatment.

What Vets are saying: “When stress brought on flashbacks, I dealt with them by drinking them away. I considered it recreational drinking, but really I was self-medicating.  After only a few dehp® sessions, I felt like a different person and had the tools to cope with and understand my stress.”

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