Shelter Services

Women and Children’s Shelter Services

Shelter ServicesSoul Sanctuary began in 2004 as a housing program for women, allowing mothers and children to have their own bedrooms and personal space. Women participating in this program focus on addressing personal issues of addiction and co-dependence, and are required to demonstrate continued progress and development during their enrollment. Programs range from six months to two years and are focused on helping the women meet specific goals such as getting a job, attending a trade school or completing an associate’s degree. Most importantly, Soul Sanctuary provides a normalized and supportive environment that helps children feel safe and able to reconnect with their healing mothers.

Soul Sanctuary recently introduced the new Veteran’s House, a home sponsored in part by Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. Our costs to run one home with 4-5 families is $35K! This is a terrific investment in our future.

If you would like to become a client, please click here to fill out the application formOnce a potential client submits an application, Soul Sanctuary will contact the references.  If the references are sufficient and the client has continued interest in being part of the program, clients will be asked in for an initial assessment and interview.  Upon acceptance of the full application including the assessment, interview, and acceptance by the Board, clients will be invited into the house.

Johanna Steele

Soul Sanctuary Shelter Services

Johanna SteeleJohanna is a graduate of the Soul Sanctuary Wellness program.   Her success through Soul Sanctuary motived her to become involved in Shelter Services.  She attributes this success to the woman around her at Soul Sanctuary including Josette Sullins, Cyd West, her family, and her four beautiful children.

Johanna holds a degree in Substance Abuse Counseling and currently runs the Shelter Services programs at Soul Sanctuary.

Her goal at Soul Sanctuary is to continue building out the Shelter Services programs while managing the opening of more houses to support women and children.